Do you want more out of life but fear has you stuck?

I was stuck too, until I took action to overcome it. I now have 7 streams of income and a new book that teaches you how to overcome fear, step into your greatness and do the same.

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Be the leader. Be different. Set the trends. Don't conform. Earn the respect. Repeat.

Ramon Smothers

How Do You Choose To Be Great?

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How Do You Choose To Consume Your Greatness?

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I was laid-off a year ago and did not go back to work. I created 7 streams of income instead.

image of myself holding the book titled The Fear of Greatness

Ramon Smothers - Author of "The Fear of Greatness"

Entrepreneurship was the route I chose. I never wanted anybody else to be able to tell me "your position is no longer available."

So I took control of my life and my income.

How'd I do it?

Faith. And action!

I wrote about that faith in my newest book. And I also wrote about the fear that I first had to overcome to take action.

I wrote it to tell you how to take action. But more importantly, I wrote it to show you that you can do it too.

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