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Personal Development

For me, this is the single most important aspect of any successful person. The time you spend developing yourself before anything or anyone else is the most valuable time one can spend. It's irreplaceable and invaluable. This doesn't have to be strictly from reading, personal development is any activity one participates in that yields positive emotions and/or outcomes in your life. So don't worry, if you're not a reader there's hope! Although I do believe reading is the best way to absorb, retain, and recall learned behaviors, it is not the only way. I'll share with you some of the best practices and things I personally attest to that allows you to become the best version of yourself! Everything from book recommendations to spiritual practices, I'll give it to you. I'll show how these practices go hand in hand with the amount of success you're willing to produce and create within your life. The object is to grow. Grow exponentially, grow wholly, and grow into the person with profound power and ability you were placed on this earth to become!


The accumulation of wealth is for many, the measure in which they define success. This level of success can only be reached through diligent and focused efforts. The journey to wealth is a stream-line one. It's a journey that many wish to embark upon but have not amongst other things, the discipline, the knowledge, or the fortitude required to achieve the feat. Wealth is obtained through multiple streams of income but in particular passive income, and more in particular multiple streams of passive income. This is income that you receive on a regular basis that requires little to no effort to maintain it. Being an entrepreneur focused on passive income and having acquired multiple streams of it, I've taken the steps to propel me toward wealth and the accumulation of it. Here, I'll take you along on the journey and share everything I know as I focus on passive income sources and ways to maximize them. The legacy I live is the legacy I'll leave!


Seeing the world feeds the soul. It engulfs you with an urge to never stop exploring. It creates a humility in oneself that allows you to acknowledge the minuteness of your time here. The total time of it's complete existence compared to the time you have to see it. It allows you to dream and realize that everything you desire is achievable. The beauty of this magnificent planet is undeniable and often times taken for granted. When your story is written and finally complete, will you be able to say you lived to your fullest potential? The potential that's embedded in each and every one of us and that greatness is made of? Have you let go of fear and doubts and allowed yourself the luxuries of traveling and seeing the marvels life has to offer? Follow me on my path around this planet as I implement every lesson learned on the way, to bask in the gratification it provides by seeing every corner of it!
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