11 Insanely Easy Ways To Create Money

The average millionaire has 7 streams of income. Here’s 11 Insanely Easy Ways To Create Money!


As we mentioned in Episode 13 of  The 2 Peas in a Pod LIVE Podcast, the way to acquire wealth is with multiple streams of income. But not any old stream of income, rather PASSIVE streams of income. I’m currently using 7 of these streams mentioned to build my business right now. And I’m giving them all to you! So let’s get to it!


11 Insanely Easy Ways To Create Money

  1. Start a blog or Affiliate Marketing

I give the option of both because you can either start a blog and then use affiliate marketing on your blog site. Or if you have already have an audience on any social media platform you can partner with any other brand and become an affiliate for them. Affiliate Marketing is a great option for a source of income because it doesn’t require you to have a product of your own. You can partner with brands you believe in and products you already use and get paid a commission when you refer someone to buy it. I’m an affiliate of some of the companies listed below so know that if you click and get signed up for any of these products I may get a commission.

Episode 005 of The Podcast was How To Start A Money Making Blog.

Go listen now!

Or just head on over to BlueHost to start your blog now.

Read my step by step guide on how to start one here.

2. Turo or Airbnb

Turo is the Airbnb of car rentals! I’m sure you’ve heard of Airbnb, it’s where you rent rooms in people’s houses or apartments instead of getting a hotel room. Turo is the same way, but for cars. Instead of going to Hertz, or Enterprise, or any of the other big brand car rental companies. You go to Turo and rent cars from everyday people! Or in our case, people come to us and rent our cars!

Get signed up on Turo now. And turn those liabilities into assets!

3. Royalties

Royalties can come in the form of book sales, music, photography, TV shows, etc…

Any piece of work you create and sell, you can collect royalties for a lifetime for that. There are plenty websites to upload your creative work onto.

And plenty others. Just look!

4. Online Courses

Online Courses are very profitable! If you have a skill or talent that you’ve developed and would like to instruct other people how to do the same. Then create an online course that teaches exactly that. Now not only are you getting paid directly for your talent but you’re getting paid to teach people that talent.

Head on over to teachable.com or udemy.com to create money and create your course today.

5. Dropshipping

This is basically selling someone else’s product as your own but not actually touching the product, storing the product, or shipping the product.

You partner with a company of whom which products you’d like to sell and set up your own to store to sell them. You mark up the price of their product to determine how much profit you’d like to make. Simple.

People on etsy.com and aliexpress.com do this all the time.

Google “drop shipping” and you’ll see this strategy being implemented everywhere!

6. Network Marketing

This form of income landed us a trip to the Dominican Republic a few months ago. Reach out to Denita at DenitaSmothers.com and let her explain how good of an income source this is.

7. Coaching or Consulting

A friend of mine reached out for some advice on how to work from home. So we scheduled a call and I gave him ideas. I also said, “if I wanted to, I could charge you for this call.”

That is an example of coaching and consulting. Charge customers from home to advise them in areas they need your help with. Great way to start earning extra income from your area of expertise!

8. Print on Demand T-Shirt Sales

Upload a design, painting, drawing, or other pieces of art onto t-shirts and sell your work on apparel.

There are sites that make this incredibly easy like cafepress.com and teescape.com. The website handles the shipping, the printing, and payment collections. All you do is upload and collect.

9. Membership Community

This is a good way to bring in monthly income! Create a community around a general subject and set a monthly price for members to be a part of it. It allows people to grow and learn from one another and makes for a good place to network. Like an online country club 🙂

10. Rental Property Income

Buy a duplex. Live in one side and rent out the other! Your tenants will pay you monthly and you can live for free! I advise anyone who’s thinking of purchasing a new home to consider buying a duplex instead. The bank treats them the exact same and now you have a home that’s earning you money instead of costing you money as soon as you buy it.

11. Apps that pay you to have them on your phone.

Google “apps that pay” and you’ll see apps that actually PAY you to have them on your phone. Some will just display ads on your home screen and will pay you to have them there. You’re not required to click on any of the ads to get paid either. Just use your phone as normal and let the money roll in.


Ebates.com – site that pays you to shop. Just head to the site first and then go to your favorite store and get paid at checkout.

swagbucks.com – same as ebates on steroids

peer to peer lending – loan money to people who need it and get paid an interest rate on the money you loaned. I’m not talking about loaning it to Uncle Joe. I’m talking about going on actual websites that let you do this. Like LendingClub.com and prosper.com these sites will match your loan and most often they guarantee you get paid back.

Ok! I hope this helped! Put some of these into action immediately and start earning some extra cash.

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