My 2016 Review and How 2017 Will Be Your Best Year Ever

It’s December 29, 2017 (1 year from today) and you’re exactly where you envisioned yourself being on this day a year ago. You’ve successfully lost 20 pounds and your relationships in every aspect of life are flourishing. You’ve gotten that promotion at work and the started that side hustle you always dreamed of. For the first time in life, you’ve successfully maintained your initial New Year’s resolutions through the entire year! You’ve succeeded in making 2017 your best year ever! Dopeness.

See what I did there?

When you envision these things as if they’ve already happened, you attract them by subconsciously remaining focused on them. That’s how I want you to approach your New Years’ resolutions this time. Don’t just set them for January 1st, but see yourself accomplishing them and how life will be on this day next year when you have. I haven’t approached a new year like this yet so we can tackle this one together. I have, though, envisioned things in the short term that I’ve wanted to manifest and those things have indeed come to fruition. I’m eager to try it next year!

Since health, wealth, and prosperity are the basis of the blog I’ll include each category I focus on here and offer a review. It was a year of highs and lows. Layoffs and marriage. Robbery and unexpected blessings. A year I wouldn’t change.

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My Year In Review

Personal Development


For me, this is the most important aspect of my growth. I’ve always been an introspective person who makes time to reflect inwardly in hopes that it’d project outwardly. I feel this year I hit a stride and rode that wave of momentum all year long. And it began with personal development.

  • I read about 15 new books in 2016 – mostly because of the ease of which listening through Audible allows. I knocked them out any and everywhere. And even teamed up with them and Amazon to help others develop personally. Which is pretty dope in itself.
  • I found a new church home that my wife and I loves. It speaks to us and the energy there is crazy.
  • I meditated a lot more consistently which allowed me to be more present every day. It eliminates a lot of stress and anxiety because you learn to stay focused on what’s happening now and not worry about the past or the future.
  • I developed a morning routine for the first time ever. I’ve never in my life felt that I was much of a morning person, but this routine and the mindset required to develop that routine is a priceless discovery. Read more about the routine in a previous post where I listed my Top 6 Personal Development Books.



I did not really set any fitness goals and honestly, my fitness suffered a great bit this year. With everything that went on throughout the year, I guess something had to suffer. I do feel, though, that I made a huge realization in my overall health and fitness department nonetheless. Which is:

  • I realized that maybe God didn’t intend for me to weigh 200 pounds. My goal is no longer to bulk like it has been for all of my life, but instead be the most healthy and ripped at the weight that comes naturally to me. I’m a naturally tall and slender man so I’ll implement goals in 2017 to improve my health and physique at the weight I am meant to be.



The chance to see the world is one that I’ll continue to cherish. It was extremely important for my wife because she’s an absolute free spirit that loves experiencing new things. Travel is a luxury that we definitely do not take for granted and absolutely cherish each moment of it.

  • We went on 3 amazing trips. Thailand, Mexico, and Los Angeles. Check out the L.A. trip here. That trip was also featured on’s blog site as one of their highlighted Travelogues. –> Jetting West
  • I got approved for my first travel credit card which I plan to use to improve my travel hacking. Read about that here on this post where I gave 5 tips to help improve your credit score.


image of Houston skyline through a hole in a wire fence


Seeing as though my income decreased to about 75% of what it was at the start of the year, I have to spotlight the irony in the fact that I still chose it as a category to discuss here on my blog. Mainly because the income category is designated for my entrepreneurial endeavors. Not so much from the job I had before the layoff.

  • The duplex I purchased in January 2016 marked the beginning of my real estate investments. It also officially kicked off the Live Your Legacy movement when I incorporated Living Legacy Enterprises. It’s provided an income that’s helped us weather the storm that the layoff introduced.
  • Established the Turo business and even partnered up with them on a photography and blogging project. I mentioned it earlier and linked it Jetting West. That was a dope experience and I look forward to many more.
  • Recently, of course, I began this blog! I didn’t announce it but it did generate $10 in income for me in December. That isn’t much to you but it’s huge for me! I’ve approached this blog as an opportunity to help people firstly, but as well as another source of income. So for it to generate anything is a small win for me, and I appreciate those just as much as the big ones.

Some of these goals were accomplished because I set them for short-term and envisioned them happening already. So this year, when you make your resolutions, visualize what they’ll look like on December 29, 2017 when you’ve knocked them out the park. Visualize yourself already where you want to be. Because “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

Really take time out of your day to visualize these things. Sit still, in silence, and picture the end of next year exactly how you want it to be. Or get in a mirror and talk to yourself. (It’s what I do) Tell yourself in that mirror every day that you’re already where you need to be and say out loud how it looks and feels. Don’t question it just do it.

This practice is powerful, and I know you’ll benefit from it. Let me know if you plan on it!

I’m excited about 2017 and have big plans for it. Have a big announcement coming in the next month that I can’t wait to tell you! Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

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