5 Reasons You Should Get Rid Of Cable – And Stop Watching TV

THIS WON’T BE a life-changing post like the last one I wrote. It encouraged individuals with 401k accounts to use them to start the business of their dreams. That wasn’t a vain attempt to make myself look good either. That is the honest feedback I received from those who read it. Everything I post won’t be life-changing, but it will definitely be written with intent to help, inspire, educate, and motivate anyone willing to receive it.

THIS IS MY TOP 5 reasons why I got rid of cable and stopped watching TV, and why you should too!

YOU’D THINK INITIALLY that this happened after I was laid off when money is tight and the whole cutting expenses thing usually prevails. But in fact, it didn’t. It happened well before that in February of 2016. And it would have happened sooner if it wasn’t for football. 🙂

IT WAS ONE OF THOSE THINGS that I had been contemplating long before making it happen. I know a lot of you are probably juggling this decision as you read. Well, luckily for you I’ve compiled a list of things to help make this decision easier. Didn’t I say I was here to help?

“25% of all (men’s) free time now is spent in front of the tube according to the latest statistics. There’s nothing wrong with that particularly, except that he’s watching other people, who are earning excellent incomes in the pursuit of their careers while he doesn’t make a nickel. And the only thing he gets from watching TV like this is a red-eye and a hollow head.” – Earl Nightingale

5 Reasons You Should Get Rid of Cable


Time is the only thing you can’t get back. So why spend it being unproductive when it’s plenty other things you can spend it doing? When I would come home from offshore for 2 weeks, it’d be some days I didn’t have anything planned to do. So I’d sit in front of the TV and just watch my entire day away. Most people would find this to be relaxing, because hey, after being offshore on an oil rig for 2 weeks I deserve to just come home, watch TV, and do nothing! Right? But this was always difficult for me to do. I would encounter anxiety when sitting around just watching TV. I would always feel like it’s definitely something better I could be doing with my time and my off days.

This is something that distinguishes the average from the great. If you had 24 hours left to live, would you spend it watching TV?


With all the time you have now with the absence of binge-watching TV, what will you do with it?

I’ve always been extremely fond of reading, learning, and just improving as a man in any way that I could. Since getting rid of cable and not watching TV, I’ve doubled the books I usually read in a year. I’ve become more active with outside activities, learned a lot more, and actually had the time to implement the things I learned.

Not watching TV forces you to find other things to do with your time. Other things that are often a lot more productive and enjoyable. Let’s say you’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano. Now you have the time to go online, look up courses, and allocate that time to learning to play. I wanted to become a better photographer. So I took an online course with the newly acquired time to become better at it.

Think of something that you’ve been wishing you had the time to do but never could. With the average American watching on average of over 4 hours of TV per day, I’m sure you could learn to fly a plane with that time! Seriously, you probably could.


I’m no Doctor. Nor am I a scientist who conducts in-depth studies of how TV correlates with health issues. But I am a seeker of knowledge, so I do indulge in articles and google with some of the time I’ve freed up since turning off the TV.

79% of Americans believe TV violence helps precipitate real life violence. This is staggering info considering that I mentioned earlier we watch more than 4, close to 5 hours of TV each and every day. But the part about that statistic I’d like to highlight is the word “believe”. Which is a truly powerful word that is often taken for granted, and will help illustrate the mental aspect when health is concerned.

“Whatever we can believe, we can achieve.” A quote that we’ve grown fond of highlights the power of belief. The things we’re exposed to daily, subconsciously becomes a part of our belief system. The proneness of negativity will indeed play a major role in how we think, act, and view the world. So if the majority of what we see on TV is negative, I don’t have to explain how most Americans will ultimately end up viewing the world and what they will have unconsciously succumbed to.

Combine those thoughts with the studies that link TV time to obesity in America, and you’ll have yourself one abysmal combination. Unhealthy with a negative view on life.


The National Sleep Foundation states that “Exposure to light stimulates a nerve pathway from the eye to parts of the brain that control hormones, body temperature and other functions that play a role in making us feel sleepy or wide awake.”

I was listening to an interview recently with a psychiatrist who loves the fact that cell phones are so heavily used as we lay in bed. This, of course, keeps business booming. But he also advises his patients to not view their cell phones immediately before bedtime because this indeed is the reason they’re having trouble sleeping. For my iPhone users out there, you may have noticed the relatively new setting called “Night Shift.” If you’ve used it, you noticed that it applies a warm tint to the colors on your screen. This is because the white and blue (cool) colors that are normally displayed affect your brain in ways that prevent it from producing melatonin. The chemical that promotes sleep. The iPhone attempts to help by making the colors warmer, and less harmful to sleep patterns.

Unfortunately, your TV doesn’t have this setting! So just turn it off! I rest much better since removing the TV from our bedroom and limiting the phone usage close to bedtime.


Before I take all of the credit for this great and beneficial idea. I have to give it where it’s due. My wife wanted to and was in full support of the No Cable, No TV movement. She would barely watch when I wasn’t home and would honestly never turn it on. So it wasn’t that hard for us to collectively agree to these terms.

What finally pushed me over the edge was when after 6 months of subscribing to a new cable provider, I received a bill for $300!! This was supposedly going to be my new rate going forward. It was a fairly easy decision after that. Cable had to go.

$300/month for 1 year is $3600. You know what I can do with an extra $3600? I’ll tell you what I did. Booked 3 trips to places I’ve never been. What will you do with your extra cash?

Also, there are various ways to watch TV when I want to without spending that much money. I bought an Amazon Fire Stick and couldn’t be happier. I get my football every Sunday and my documentaries occasionally. And if I ever want to watch a season of Game of Thrones, I just subscribe to HBO for $9.99/month until the season is over.

In Closing

I don’t regret the decision to get rid of cable and stop watching TV. My wife and I have enjoyed our most profound conversations over dinner together without the distraction of the TV. She isn’t quite fond of my obnoxiously loud chewing that she’s forced to listen to, but hey, you can’t win em all! When someone finds a solution to that problem, be sure to pass it along to me!

Take these reasons, along with your own that I’m sure you have. And take the leap. You’ll never want cable again.

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  • Nik

    This is another insightful piece.

    • R. L. S.

      Thanks Nikki! Glad you enjoyed again.

  • Nally Hernandez

    200% agree, I have not had cable for the past few years and ALL of these are true! You have more time for things that actually matter like working out, reading a book, spending quality time with God or people that matter! Plus your mind isnt overloaded with crappy TV shows that are full of drama. Netflix or local channels work perfectly fine for the few times I do decide to watch some TV. But overall its the best decision of my life actually!

    • R. L. S.

      Couldn’t have said it better. Once we realize there’s actually things to do outside of TV…life gets better. A lot better.