how to create money

11 Insanely Easy Ways To Create Money

Did you catch Episode 13 of our podcast – “11 Ways To Create Money?” I read that the avg. millionaire has 7 streams of income. Not just any income but passive income.
Listen to the episode if you missed it on iTunes here:

We’ve gotten good feedback from it so I’m making sure to get that to you!

Or just read all 11 ways right here as I listed them out for you!

creating yourself

Creating Yourself – Our Feature With Lawrence Joseph of Black Mentor Podcast

This post is about creating yourself. If you want to motivate people one day but think you can’t because you aren’t a natural speaker, then learn how to become one! That goes with anything in life. If there’s something you want to do but feel you can’t because it doesn’t come naturally to you, then learn everything you can about it and become better at it. Get outside of your comfort zone and be magical.

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