My Book Is Available Next Week!

My book is available next week, so I want to dive into the final segment of the “Fear Series”. Fear, for me, oftentimes held me back. I stayed at a job I did not love out of fear of failure and being broke. I decided to start my entrepreneurial journey in spite of the fear because I knew I wanted to truly make an impact on those around me. I wanted my passion to become a business and wanted complete control over my income and potential. I want to discuss, in this post, what to do once you’ve conquered your fear.

What to Do Once You’ve Conquered Your Fear?

Thrive. Thrive like there’s no tomorrow. Engulf yourself in action. Take on every new challenge with immense confidence. This will create a momentum that allows you to float seamlessly above everything mediocre. You’ll feel a rush of energy and enthusiasm in everything you begin.

The key is to begin. Once you’ve recognized fear using the tools I discussed, make the decision to begin. It is only there you’ll taste greatness and satisfaction. Every action creates an equal or opposite reaction. But every enthusiastic action creates an enthusiastic reaction. So take enthusiastic action. It’s time.

Decide what it is that warrants your action. Your bottled-up passion that you’ve kept hidden from the world is up for release. It’s time to highlight it and step into it with unmatched confidence. The wave of momentum will carry you towards success. Ride that momentum and complete every task from now on enthused. Things will no longer seem like tedious tasks that will be a burden to carry out. You’ll feel alive when it’s time to learn a new skill. You’ll feel energetic when it’s time to sit down and get to work. Your eyes will light up at the sight of today’s “to-do” list. The momentum is something I cannot describe. It is a feeling that can only be experienced.

Don’t let an opportunity pass you today. Remember it was fear that stopped you from acting on all the other days that have come and gone. When someone presents an opportunity to you today, think quickly and act. Even if you just request more information about the opportunity. Do that! But by no means let it past you.

My Book is Available Next Week

image of the book The Fear of Greatness

This ends the Fear Series! My book is available next week on Amazon titled, “The Fear of Greatness!” I discuss everything mentioned in this post plus tons more. Its main focus is to explain to you:

  • How to overcome your fears and discover your true greatness.
  • How to recognize fear and know when it’s holding you back.
  • How the brain interprets fear and why we experience it.
  • How to truly enjoy the present moment and alleviate stress and worry of daily life.

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Until next time, Ramon Smothers