Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving – 3 Things I’m Thankful For


Thanksgiving Trail

WE MAY NOT ALL agree on the history of Thanksgiving and the true origins of the holiday. But we can all agree that it’s a wonderful chance to cherish the time with family and loved ones. That one time of the year when everyone’s smiling and you can truly “feel it in the air”. Whatever that “it” is, you know it’s there and it’s overwhelming. Let it be love, kindness, peace, presence, and most of all thankfulness. Here’s to giving thanks on Thanksgiving.

MAKE A LIST, right now, of three things you’re thankful for. Let them be your stronghold on this day and forget whatever else that might be plaguing you. The only moment that is truly real is the present moment. Everything else is in the past or in the future. In other words, not real.

MY 3 THINGS I’m Thankful for on Thanksgiving.

  1. This day, this moment.
  2. My wife.
  3. My family.

I’m Thankful for This Day and This Moment

BECOMING PRESENT with the current moment is essential. I’m talking the present moment right down to the breath you just took. That breath, at that moment was the only thing real. Now it’s gone, just that quick. Now take another. This time, cherish the breath. Feel your chest expand as you inhale and feel the cool air tickle the inside of your nose as it enters. Look around briefly at your family, smiling, laughing, eating, sleeping, LIVING! This is the present moment. Because as soon as you exhale, that breath is gone. Over. In the past. Not real. And so is the moment. I’m thankful for this moment, and the string of moments that make up this day. A day where life couldn’t be any better because it’s the only day I have.

I’m Thankful for My Wife

FOR BELIEVING IN ME and my abilities. For being such a fearless, unyielding, ray of confidence that’s contagious to everyone she encounters. Including me. For bringing out the best in me daily and inspiring me to utilize the gifts we’re both blessed with to create the life we want. I would always ask her “If you only have 70-80 years to live on a 4.5 billion-year-old planet. How will you live them?” This is a question that inspires me and motivates me and is now inspiring and motivating her. She’s taking it to the highest of levels and is only getting higher. I’m thankful for her unconditional love and strength through this transition. Here’s to her.

I’m Thankful for My Family

MY BIGGEST SUPPORT SYSTEM. The few that believe in me to the utmost and in their eyes I can do no wrong. Even when I fall short of being the world’s greatest son, brother, grandson, nephew, or cousin. They still encourage me, motivate me, offer advice, and trust me. That is irreplaceable and please know that I do not take it for granted. If I hadn’t called in a while, know that it isn’t one day that I don’t think of you all. They’ve helped me in so many ways from a kid all the way to adulthood on multiple occasions. And for that, I’m thankful. It’s no way that I can pay each of you back, so I only hope to make yall proud. Love you all.

I CAN GO on and on with things I’m thankful for on this day. As should you. But on today let’s focus on these three. Be present with them and let them remind you of how fortunate you are on today on Thanksgiving.

Feel free to tell me what you’re thankful for today. List your 3 things down below in the comments and don’t hesitate to subscribe below if you’d like to stay updated on future posts!

Happy Thanksgiving!