I’m Launching A Custom Clothing Business

custom clothing businessI hadn’t posted a blog in a while. Mostly because I’ve been communicating with a lot of my readers through email. Those that are on my VIP email list have been getting updates on me and my business consistently. However, my most recent decision to launch a custom clothing business prompted me to update the blog page! So here I am.

The decision to move away from mindset coaching was an easy one, despite what you may think. It was easy because pouring into people and helping them grow mentally is something I’d do for free. I put so much into the posts I first wrote on personal development and expected absolutely nothing in return. I loved it and it was fun. The minute I turned it into a business, the fun stopped. My blog was initially started to highlight personal development and entrepreneurship. And it still will. Because I’ve decided to document the entire process of me launching this custom clothing business!

I really have no reason not to say what kind of clothing I will offer other than I want to add to the suspense of the launch. So know that it won’t be a wide range of clothing, just a specific niche that I’m passionate about and know there’s a market for. Feel free to guess what type of clothing in the comments!

The reason I decided to create this is that I want to build a business that offers me the freedom to live the life I truly want to live. A business that provides an excellent product to the consumer and one that doesn’t tie me and my wife down to one place. We’ve recently decided to move to Thailand, which we’ll be documenting also, and have plans to move to Columbia afterward. I’ll build this business while living abroad and you’ll be along every step of the way.

The Plan

I’ll be documenting everything from how to find a supplier, negotiating prices, setting up the website and more, up to the launch day. As of now, I’m focusing on an MVP. Which stands for “minimum viable product.” I’m contacting people who I think will be good fits for the clothing I plan to sell to get their feedback on everything from quality, fit, and the experience of purchasing from me. They’ll actually be the first ones to actually see the clothing and wear it. This is good validation and is required to get a feel for the market you plan to enter.

I have nothing in place as far as a website, organized systems, and such. I’m just strictly reaching out to people individually to see if there is a need for my custom clothing business first. In doing so, I’ll be gathering data and feedback to tailor the needs of my future customers and make changes as I go. This model of doing things is based on The Lean Startup method. A method that teaches entrepreneurs to avoid wasting time and resources creating a product or service that no one wants. But instead, start small, learn as you go, and make changes as need be.

With that said, I can give a hint to what the line will offer. If you are a man who appreciates well-designed and custom-fitted clothing, then I’d like your feedback. Contact me via the email in the footer of this page or in the comments below to let me know you’d like to be a part of the small focus group of people who get to try the clothing first. We’ll set up a call and I’ll give you everything you need to know. It’d really help me out.

Women, do not feel left out. I plan to launch clothing for you all in the future but as of now, like I said before, the line will focus on one particular niche.

In Closing

I’m really excited about what 2018 will bring and the custom clothing business that I’m launching. I may include videos as well to go along with consistent blog posts to document everything. To keep up with the progress and to learn everything I’m doing with the launch just subscribe below to get on the VIP list. I’ll shoot everyone on it constant updates, education, and documentation of the journey. Here’s to 2018 and beyond.

And as always, I still wish you health, wealth, and prosperity.

Ramon Smothers

P.S. Plot Twist: What type of custom clothing business?

I decided not to wait and tell you the type of clothing it’ll be. To find out what it is, just click here. 🙂