My Latest Feature With Pat Flynn

My latest feature was a big one, Pat Flynn is a dominator in the blogging and online business space. He is who a lot of people look up to in the arena. He runs the blog over at From his online presence and influence, he generates over $100,000/month! Need proof? Check his income reports. Still need proof? Check the legal disclaimer regarding his income reports. If you need more proof? Well, you’re probably just an extreme pessimist and I don’t wanna hang around you.

But seriously.

Pat Flynn asked members of his audience to submit a story of failure turned into success. It took me about a week to decide if I wanted to submit my story. I passed up the post with the invite every day in his private Facebook group for a whole week! The doubt in my mind crept in. I compared my story to others (that I imagined) and said “there’s are probably better than mine. I mean, I’m not even really that successful yet”.

Then I thought to myself… “Let’s define success.” Success is when you’re truly at ease and happy with what you’re doing. It’s not measured in monetary form or by the items you own. Success is when you are truly able to look in the mirror and say I am where I want to be. Doing what I want to be doing. Living the way I want to live.

So I told my story. And he featured it.

image of Pat Flynn podcast setup

As Told To Pat Flynn

Ya see. I was laid-off about 9 months ago. (Can’t believe it’s been that long already.) Immediately after the layoff, I did what any normal person would do. Out of habit and conformity, I immediately begin to look for another job. For about 2 or 3 months, I half-assed looked for jobs. Just going through the motions sending in applications. Tweaking my resume to seem appealing to this company and to that company. Throwing in keywords on my resume to match what the computers would look for when it’s scanning 1000’s of other resumes just like mine. This was painful.

While I applied for jobs, I was at the same time, looking for business opportunities to invest in. I wanted to own something. I didn’t want to work for no one else again. I wanted to continue the entrepreneurial journey I started! As I was looking at possibilities to bring in more streams of passive income I came across Pat Flynn and his blog. And I never looked back.

I knew I wanted to blog, but I didn’t know it’ll become another business.

I chose to tell my story because I realized I am successful. I am doing exactly what I wanna be doing. I chose to give up on job-hunting and pursue my purpose full-time. I chose to wake up every morning and do exactly what I want to. I chose to live my legacy.

Live Your Legacy

My wife and I are currently living off of 3 different streams of passive income while we both build our businesses from home.

I’m currently writing a book and putting the final touches on a podcast we will be rolling out soon.

The podcast will highlight our non-conformist ways that led us to our purpose. A nurse and an engineer who ditched the degrees and are following their passions. It’ll provide inspiration, motivation, and it’ll detail different strategies and ways for you to do it too. We’ll also highlight and interview a few more couples and individuals who chose to follow their passions and step into their purpose!

What is the book about? Well, it’s still a surprise!

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In Closing

As for now, I’m exactly where I wanna be and know exactly where I’m going. This is fun, it’s exciting, it’s new and it’s scary.

But I’m embracing that fear of the unknown. Embracing the fear of the uncertain. And I’m looking fear dead in its’ eyes as I’m more successful now than I’ve ever been.

Thanks again to Pat Flynn for this opportunity.

Until next time.

Ramon Smothers

P.S. Speaking of fear, what is your biggest fear or obstacle when it comes to starting a business? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Lack of resources? Let me know in the comments below!