Why I’d Rather Be Living My Legacy Than Leaving One

When I started my entrepreneurial and wealth-building journey, the motivation was to leave a legacy that stamped my existence here on earth. I wanted to not only leave a legacy but leave wealth and comfort for my unborn children. By looking so far into the future, I lost sight of the present. I made a swift change in perspective and decided that if I can be living my legacy each day while I’m here, I would no longer have to worry about leaving one.

One of the turning points that led to that realization came after reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. In his best-selling book, Tolle highlights the life-changing realization that we take for granted often. He reignites every one’s appreciation for the present moment down to the breath we take. It is in that present moment where everything is perfect. Worries and anxiety of the past and future are non-existent because they are “not real” as Tolle describes. This appreciation of the present moment reminds us that this is the only moment we have. And should be fully aware and present as we have it.

Pondering this new perspective I reconsidered my mantra I had become accustomed to. I wanted to leave a legacy for those that came after me but after reminding myself that there’s no better time than the present, I soon set out to Live My Legacy.

Living My Legacy

By living my legacy, I can wake up each day and live purposefully. I’d no longer take precious hours for granted and would put into action everything I wanted to accomplish as soon as they become a thought in my mind. Life would be my playground as I set out to achieve everything I wish, impact all of those who I care about, and live a life on my terms.

So the birth of “Live Your Legacy” came. It’s objectively written because my purpose is to inspire you to live every day purposefully. Erase the doubts and eliminate the what-ifs and focus on the what-nows’. The best way to inspire is by example. I took the ultimate leap of faith and decided not to search for another job after the layoff. Not only that, but I chose to document every step of the journey online! Damn!

Do you choose to live your legacy or leave one?

By living my legacy and focusing on the abundance this world has to offer I’ve opened the doors of endless opportunities. It’s now up to me to take those opportunities by the neck and never let another past me by out of hesitation and fear.

I encourage you to live your legacy today. If something’s tugging on you telling you you’re destined for greatness, then by all means listen. Then take steps in that direction to live fully in your purpose.

We never want to get to our last day on earth and look back and wish we could do it all again.

So live today like your legacy is on the line.

Until next time,