Change Your Mindset, Change Your Views – Los Angeles Views In Photo

          LOS ANGELES is not the type of city you visit with no definite plans. Especially if it’s your first time. I literally had a to-do list compiled of about 20 things I wanted to see while there. 10 of them were side noted “views”. It was serious. Los Angeles views allowed me the time to reflect. The time to ponder the world in its’ vastness. Then to remind myself that the change in mindset was why I was there.

          MOST PEOPLE in my current situation, wouldn’t dare think of booking a flight and taking a trip. I mean, Bro I’m unemployed and in the start-up stages of building a business.

“Income isn’t what it used to be and something told you to book another trip? Have you lost your mind?”

NO. I HAVEN’T. I’ve just changed the way it operates.

          THE FEAR OF BEING BROKE is what drives a lot of men to work their ass off to provide and sustain a living. The fear of being broke is what drove me for 5 years WHILE I had a steady income. That fear of the feeling I had when I was a recent college graduate with no job, no car, and no money. The fear of that feeling I had being a kid and being home when the lights were cut off unsuspectingly because we didn’t have the money at the time to pay the bill. I made a vow to never feel that way again.

“So what happened? Why aren’t you more careful with your spending?”

          I TURNED FEAR INTO FAITH. If fear can be such a powerful driving force, so can faith right? It just takes a total mindset shift. The type of shift that shakes you to the core. The type that leaves you with a feeling of such exuberance that you can’t sleep at night. You’ll never know if you can fly unless you jump, and the only thing that’ll make you jump is faith.

These Views Though

LET’S REFOCUS momentarily and discuss these Los Angeles views.

Griffith Observatory

          GRIFFITH OBSERVATORY was the first stop on the list. My googling (yeah I google faithfully) showed that it ranks as the 2nd best spot in L.A. to view the Hollywood sign.

Griffith Observatory

          THE OBSERVATORY houses two high-powered telescopes that are open to the public. The one I wanted to look through wasn’t available to use until nightfall so I didn’t get the chance. I thought views of a mountain put this planet into perspective. Imagine the views through a high-powered telescope. The views of other planets a long way from where you are. PERSPECTIVES times 10!

          RUNYON CANYON was next. My wife and I like working out so the hike up to the top of the canyon paired with the views once you made it there, was a win-win situation.

          WE WERE AT THE HIGHEST POINT of Runyon Canyon when I spotted another area that I felt would offer some dope views. So we hiked about a half-mile to get to it. Once we got there my wife says to me, “that haze of clouds over the city is beautiful.” I replied, “the smog?” She goes, “what’s smog?” I said, “it’s pollution.” In which she replies, “oh yeah that, it looks amazing.” I smiled and thought. “Gotta love her perspective.”

Runyon Canyon


          THE NEXT DAY was beach day. We had three options on our list. Venice Beach, Santa Monica, or Huntington Beach. We chose Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Pier

          AFTER STROLLING AROUND on Ocean Avenue, at the amusement park, and along the Santa Monica Pier we headed over to the J. Paul Getty Museum of Art. For short, The Getty.

The Getty Research Institute

          THIS IMPRESSIVE ARCHITECTURAL STRUCTURE sits on top of a hill that you can only access by an electronic tram that takes you up the hill. It’s one of the most visited museums in the country and once there, it doesn’t take you long to figure out why.

The Getty

We stayed there admiring the grounds until the sun began to set. Which is a view in itself.

The Getty Sunset

          FOR THE REMAINING TWO DAYS, we just kept checking things off the list. There were the Culver City Stairs, which consist of 282 massive concrete stairs that lead to the top of a huge hill. There are two options, though, to get up this hill. Either a long, windy, steady incline up the hill or the straight shot to the top by way of stairs. We chose the latter of course.

Culver City Stairs

We made it to the top of the hill, took in more views, and of course it was “go live on facebook” time for my wife!

Culver City Sunset

          THE LAST DAY THERE could have been called “Visit Your Favorite Rappers Hometown Day”. As Long Beach and Compton was on the list. We walked around Long Beach briefly and admired the lighthouse on the waterfront then headed to Compton.

Long Beach Lightouse

CONFESSION: The Compton stop wasn’t for the views. It was for the food. The place I wanted to try out was closed so I hit the Mini-Market and called it a day. Kendrick Lamar nor Snoop Dogg were spotted while in their respective hometowns.

Until next time L.A.

Compton California

In Closing

          WHEN YOU ALLOW FEAR to be the driving force of your life, it often stagnates and leaves you without action. When you act in faith, confidence, sincere belief, and unmatched courage, you’ll notice the stars begin to align. You’ll ride a momentum that carries you towards whatever you believe. I’m not sitting here typing this telling you it’s easy either because it’s not. It’s undoing a lifetime worth of beliefs that focused on lack instead of abundance. Beliefs that said to save every dollar you get because you don’t know when you’ll need them. A childhood environment that ignited a fear so deeply rooted that it became a part of my identity. So much, that my automatic response to someone asking me for money was “I ain’t got it.

I DO HAVE IT. And I’ll have it for the rest of my days. It’ll grow exponentially and abundantly. It’ll help me to serve others as long as I believe in my abilities wholeheartedly and put forth the action required to make my boldest desires a reality.”

That’s my daily affirmation and let it be yours as well.

Those fears still creep up. Only now, when they do, I recognize them and believe they will no longer control my fate.

Live Your Legacy.