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Look, I know last week I said I’m writing a book. And I am. But this week I’m telling you the podcast is coming.

image of ramon and denita smothers

It’s something I knew I would implement into the blog before the blog even began. But then the blog kind of took off and I was playing catch up after it started.

The blog (sort of) slowed down so I began working on the podcast. And now it’s less than a week away from launching. I’m excited about the podcast because well, my wife is my co-host! And also, the fact that it’s a live streamed podcast! Yep, so once a week, you’ll get to tune in and watch the podcast live as it’s being recorded. I’m excited! We’ll have guest interviews and a special Q&A session during every episode for you.

We’ll be talking about all things entrepreneurship and inspiring others to take that leap of faith they may or may not have been putting off for so long.

I had to learn fly after I was laid-off because I decided I wasn’t going back to work. In order to fly, I had to first jump. And my wife did too. We both decided to jump head first into things we were passionate about and not look back. So here we are, embracing the fall and learning to fly on the way down.

We, as adults, talk about faith often but never really practice it unless we absolutely have to. Denita and I didn’t have to put our faith to the test and quit our careers to follow our passions. We could have kept using the degrees we had and continued our entrepreneurial journeys simultaneously. Which is what most would do and what everyone recommended we do too. But we had absolute faith that this way, the unorthodox way, would work out just as good as the recommended and safe way.

And that’s all it takes.

The Podcast is Coming So Subscribe and Let’s Connect

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The podcast is coming! 2017 excites me and that does too! We’ll strive to bring our listeners value and practical advice to implement into their lives. Even if it’s not as drastic as what we did, you’ll be with us every step of the way on this “fall”…but as we learn to fly ourselves, you’ll learn to fly with us.

Until next time, Ramon Smothers