Who Do You Think You Are? – The Power of Your Thoughts

“WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” For most, when we hear this question it’s usually attached to some condescending connotation coming from a person who is ultimately challenging our existence. It’s not normally met with a real and practical answer that flips the question on its head and dissects it, exposing the true essence of it, in its simplicity. When I pondered the thought of blogging and the thought of offering value to others lives by beginning this site and rightfully naming it RamonSmothers.com. I was posed the question “who do I think I am?” The answer is quite simple. I am whoever, and whatever I genuinely and undoubtedly believe I am. The power of your thoughts can create your reality.


"Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass." - Paul J. Meyer


WE’VE ALL MET THE PERSON that has this larger than life personality coupled with a belief system that they’re already bigger and in a better place than they currently are. We usually call this person cocky, arrogant, over-confident, and sometimes downright delusional. Not realizing this person has it almost, entirely figured out if those beliefs are met with equal actions. But why do we attach such disdain to people who are refusing to believe that their current circumstances are defining their reality? Maybe I’m talking about the kid who grew up in poverty and made it a priority to not still be there when he was able to physically do something about it. He made a vow to himself to escape that current situation and never return, so he begins to make decisions based on what he wants his future to be like and not based on where he is currently. What if Oprah had believed she was destined to stay in Tennessee for the rest of her life? She created her reality within her mind before making it a reality physically. This is how powerful thoughts are.


"Thoughts become things, if you see it in your mind you will hold it in your hand." - Bob Proctor


NEEDLESS TO SAY, this can be illustrated in not only positive outcomes but negative ones as well. Mental illness is a serious ailment that is often overlooked mainly because of a worldwide underestimation of the power of thoughts. In the human mechanism, the brain is the central control of every functionality available to the human body. If one gets a burn on their skin, the body wouldn’t know it occurred unless signals are passed from that burned area, then to the brain where they are processed, and then sent back to the burned area to bring forth the pain you experience. When a victim of some traumatic accident is injured so badly to the point where medical professionals deem them brain dead, the organs begin to shut down shortly thereafter. This showcases the power of the mind by highlighting that the body indeed cannot operate without it. Although I used the most extreme case as an example, it is truly the most accurate depiction of how powerful your brain is, along with the thoughts it creates, controls, and believes are as well. So when we overlook the power of our seemingly insignificant thoughts that cross our mind daily we’re overlooking the reality that those thoughts are indeed creating. If you're the pessimist who doesn't trust often and ponders the worst in every situation, your life will reflect that negativity. The optimist who sees the good in even the worst situations will likely make good in every situation as well. All because of the thought process that these individuals take to life. Once you become aware of these thoughts you can begin to control them and ultimately create the reality you truly want. Meditation, for centuries, has remained the best and most powerful practice to aid in becoming aware of your thoughts. It is tried, true, and tested to improve mental functionality, cognitive ability, and overall health. Becoming proficient in its’ practice is something I highly recommend and will indeed talk about in future posts!

“You don't have to believe in meditation for it to work. You just have to take the time to do it. The old truth is still true today, God helps those who help themselves. My advice? Meditate.” - Russell Simmons


SO NOW THAT WE’VE GAINED some awareness of the thoughts that consume our mind daily whether they’re negative or positive, we can use them to manifest a reality. We use them by fixating on these thoughts and matching them with consistent actions that yield the results we initially thought of. A cycle that seems so simple and yet goes so often ignored. A cycle that isn't treated with the respect and seriousness that it so deserves. We allow obsolete thoughts, ideas, and outside influences to tamper with the reality we wish to create. We allow distractions that aren’t conducive to our wellness to consume our mind-space throughout the day. This makes it extremely difficult to remain focused on the bigger picture. The bigger picture that is often a lot more important than the distraction. By remaining focused on the bigger picture and allowing our thoughts to determine our reality by taking the appropriate actions to come closer to that reality, we often evolve. We change and grow eventually into the person we want to become. This change isn’t about finding yourself like many sometimes associate it with but is about creating yourself. Your thoughts create your actions, and your actions create you. So whenever someone asks you “Who do you THINK you are?”, you’ll have the most genuine and unapologetic answer already conceived. I am whoever I think I am.

  • LaToya Batiste

    Wow!! Powerful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing

    • R. L. S.

      Thanks for reading! It means a lot!

  • Terry Jones

    This is deeply profound, and thought provoking. Nice.

    • R. L. S.

      You know I appreciate it! Thanks for taking the time to read!

  • Stephanie

    I know who I am because I know where I came from. I refuse at this point in my life to allow ANYTHING to change that. We can at times in our lives allow external forces to take us out of our true character but we must know that we will face reality when that external action turns into our reality. I truly believe that if a person controls their mind they can control all else in ANY situation. With God’s help and a TRUE love for what you believe in and treasure, you can overcome any obstacle or trial just as as long as God’s LOVE is present!

  • Burke Swallow-Nelms

    Wow!! After reading this It makes me think but when I thought about Who I Was I am a lover of the lord first; I am a vessel, I am a lover of life a lover of people I am much more forgiving and open& free I am a brother a friend a son but most of all I am a TESTIMONY!!! Ramon you are doing a amazing job you have been the same since the sand box and it is nothing be a blessing keep it up you inspire me!!!!!

    • R. L. S.

      Yes indeed! Thank you for your support! It’s very much appreciated and expected from you Chad!