Resources and Tools You Need To Succeed

This is the bread and butter. The cream of the crop. The Kreme de la Kreme (plug for me and my fraternity). This is where the magic happens. These are all the tools and resources I use every day to create the life I want and Live My Legacy.

This page will be updated as I come across new products and services. So check back occasionally to see what's new.

Before we get to it I have a disclosure to mention:

Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you click on any of them and make a purchase I might receive a commission. This commission comes at no extra cost to you so don't worry about paying extra. It's really just a list of products I've paid for that have really changed the way I live. And just like in my writing, I want to help you in every way I can. 

Personal Development

Motivation and Inspiration

Dr. Eric Thomas

Dr. Eric Thomas is known for his motivational speaking across the globe. You've probably seen him on youtube as well motivating you with the now famous words "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll become successful." I had the opportunity to meet him and even hear him speak live at an event. I can say that watching on youtube doesn't do him enough justice. The power of his words in person and in an auditorium are something that I wish everyone has the opportunity to witness. See if he's coming to a town near you and please go hear him speak. 


Books and Reading

Audible from Amazon

Click below to receive 2 free audiobooks when you sign up for an Audible subscription. This one subscription alone has allowed me to read more than 15 books this year. Plus you get 1 free each month. Click and signup for a free trial and get 2 free books from the start!


The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley

One of my top 6 best Personal Development book for my own specific reasons and undoubtedly a top 3 favorite of mine. I highly recommend checking this one out. It changed my life and I hope it'll change yours.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Another game changer, and really a must-read if you want to escape the rat race of working a 9-5 job the rest of your life. Recommended by entrepreneurs and thought leaders everywhere as a go-to book. Click above or below to get you a copy!


The Law of Attraction by Jerry and Esther Hicks

This one was so good I gifted it to a few of the closest people to me. Now I can't gift it to everybody here but I can make it really easy for you to get in on this magic that you'll find in this book. Focus on truly implementing the laws and you'll see changes you never dreamed of.


The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

I was never a morning person before reading this book. I am now. Click and become one too.


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

This is probably the best fictional book you'll ever read ( unless you're a Harry Potter fan). It tells a crazy inspirational story that'll encourage you to start living the way you've always dreamed of. That's exactly what Santiago did here.


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

A week-long practice of seven laws that redefine what success is. This book allows you to take it slow and absorb the content then gives you practical ways to apply the lessons learned to ensure your success. I loved it and so will you.


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Discover the secret of the wealthy with this classic. Napoleon Hill had one job. To study the wealthiest people in America and journal what they did to achieve it. 


Investing in Duplexes, Triplexes, and Quads by Larry Loftis

Larry Loftis believes multifamily  investment properties are the best and safest way to acquire wealth. This lawyer and real estate investor details exactly how he's used mulitfamily real estate to acquire his millions!




Looking to start a blog? is the web-hosting provider I use and recommend for those who wish to. They power over 2M websites worldwide and it isn't hard to figure out why. 

They make it easy to pair with wordpress with the 1-click installation (which is what I did). You can also host multiple domains, so when you're ready to start another website, you can. The customer service is legit and at $3.49/month (which is an exclusive deal for 2017) you can't beat the price. 

Real Estate

The ultimate resource if you're interested in real estate investing. The fcaebook of real estate where like-minded individuals gather to talk everything real estate. I'm a member of the site and have met some amazing people there. Its free to sign up so go ahead. Be sure to check out the podcast as well!