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I created a course to go along with the book. But I wanted it to be the book on steroids! I wanted to also give additional insight, inspiration but most importantly I want to SHIFT THE MINDSET of anyone who feels fear is holding them back! So the course was born!

The course consists of actual lessons for you to follow that includes quizzes, action-items for you to practice, and also a step by step walkthrough of how I was able to overcome the fear and anxiety of entrepreneurship to show how you can too.

Since my SHIFT IN MINDSET I've created 7 streams of income by changing the way I view money and opportunities.

These streams of income are all in align with my everyday passions and things I love to do. Which makes them easier than ever to implement and enjoy.​ So I want you to enjoy them too.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves and our abilities. We think entirely too much about what other people think and what they may say about us. We let the "What if I fail?" question determine our life's decisions instead of the "What if I win?" one.

And this is what I want to help you overcome.

In the course you will learn...

  • How to overcome fear and discover your true greatness that easily translates into streams of income.
  • How to recognize fear and know when it's holding you back.
  • How the brain interprets fear and why we experience it.
  • ​How to allow your faith to outweigh your fear easily.
  • When to take action and when to be still.
  • How to tell your story and let the world see how great you are.
  • How to determine your "why" and how to let your "why" be your motivation in everything that you do.
  • How to defeat imposter syndrome and make it a thing of the past!
  • How to truly enjoy the present moment and alleviate stress and worry of daily life.

Overcome Fear and Discover Your True Potential Online Course

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If for some reason you're not fully satisfied with the course. I'll refund you the full price. Just request it within 30 days of purchase.

Here's what others are saying about the book I'm giving you for free.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word in this book. It has inspired me to go after my goals and dreams as well as learning how to cope with my fears. I myself can relate to being laid off and it has put me in the position to go after the things I desire and live a life that's fulfilling and meaningful to me. I suggest that everyone or anyone who is anyone read this book and I hope that they are inspired as myself.

Verified Amazon Reader

This is a great piece of work. I felt like this book was speaking to me directly. I often found myself having a hard time to stop reading it.

Dedrick Bray 

I got my copy today and read it cover to cover. Not because it's a quick read, but a GOOD one. It spoke to the inner philosopher as well as the inner science-geek in me! I truly appreciated it. I mean seriously, it's thoughtful, well written, transparent, informative, and inspiring. Well done! Mission accomplished. Handing it off to my 13 year old daughter next!

Shikera Phillips

...One word came to mind, genius.

Micah Hamilton 
Published Author

I didn't know what to expect with this book, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was entertaining, informative, and inspiring. It's one of those books that you travel to the place and time being described. I love the vulnerability, and also the challenge of this book. I'm excited for what's to come in the future.

Marie Evans 
Verified Amazon Reader

This piece of literature solidified the reason why I must continue on the path to greatness that's ahead of me. I've experienced some of the same unexpected turn of events as mentioned in this book & it's motivating to know that I too can push through in the face of adversity and stay true to who I am & follow MY dreams! Very inspiring!

Ashley Turner 
Educator - Aspiring Author

I was privileged to read this beautifully orchestrated and very timely read early. I have never identified with something more authentic and true than this book. It captivates you from the first few words and Smothers does a wonderful job using his life story to illustrate his points. It's unintentionally light, but the content is so heavy (if that makes sense). Each word speaks to your soul and you will find yourself questioning if FEAR has made YOUR choices in life. I adore this book. It should be in everyone's library.

Nikita Rose 
  • I won't list ALL of the testimonials here but there's plenty more. From people just like you who know it's more to life than sitting in a cubicle wishing to one day retire.

  • Just commit to the course and start shifting your mindset to overcome the fear of being broke. I had to do it too.

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