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image of myself holding the book titled The Fear of Greatness

After 6 years of working a job I did not love out of fear and contentment. I got the call I was laid-off from that job. It was on that day I took control of my life. I now have 7 streams of income and a newly released book that tells you how to overcome your FEAR of GREATNESS.

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What People Are Saying About The Book

After reading the first few pages, one word came to mind...Genius.

Micah Hamilton 
Published Author

I adore this book. It should be in everyone's library.

Niko Rose 

MAN!! This is the first book I've ever picked up and didn't put down til the end. I saw a lot of myself in this book and I've come to understand a lot about myself and situations in life I didn't understand. I'm passing it on to my daughter who is a Senior, a great singer and teacher but labels herself as an introvert and has ALWAYS been fearful of everything. I pray your book opens her up and helps her to be the great​

Cynthia French
Mother of 3

The Fear of Greatness has given me the hope and knowledge to let fear be a thing of the past and reach new levels of awesomeness! Ramon Smothers is an awesome writer and I can't wait to read his next book.

Kristi Reddell

About the Author

I'm a husband, author, investor, entrepreneur, podcaster, and mentor. My entrepreneurial journey started a year before I was laid-off when I made my first real estate investment. After the layoff I decided to take life into my own hands and carve my own path. My fears are still here, but my faith now outweigh them.

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