What do you do? – Perfecting Your Pitch

          “WHAT DO YOU DO?” This question pops up daily and constantly amongst adults. Some of the time it’s just a conversation starter. While most of the time it’s a diligent attempt to find out a lot about a person. Here’s why perfecting your pitch is so important. And how you should answer the question from now on.

          OVER THE WEEKEND, on our trip to LA (which I’ll post about soon). The question was asked to me three times. I counted because each time I was asked, I realized I hadn’t truly thought about the answer. All before my entrepreneurial journey began it was a simple answer. Them: “So what do you do?” Me: “I work in the oilfield.” Done and done. Now it has become more than a simple answer. It’s a passion. So my answer should reflect that passion. And yours should too.

          WE CAN REFER TO THIS ANSWER as a pitch. Because it is. When someone asks you that question it’s usually in an attempt to make a judgment call on who you are as a person. It oftentimes defines you solely based on your occupation. So your response to this question is basically a chance for you to sell yourself. So why not make it good?

          YOUR PITCH IS YOUR PASSION. What you’re passionate about doing, what you like to do, and what interests you. You’ll feel a lot better about the answer too by describing these things. So outside of your occupation, what do you do?

          IT’S NO LONGER a simple answer, right? It requires you to truly embody how you are responding. It evokes an emotion that drives you deeper into that passion. Perfecting your pitch will scream to people that you’re more than what your occupation says you are. You’re a lover, you’re a volunteer, you help people, you want to change the world. So your pitch must also contain your “why”. It’s the reason you get up each day. It’s not just a set of well-rehearsed words. It is a statement about what you are up to in the world.

If you feel what you are up to isn’t good enough to relay to someone, remember this:

photo-1469218692818-d972c42c4864“I am already standing on a mountain of value. My story is valuable, my experience is unique, and I am highly valuable as I am.” 

          SO IF YOUR PITCH does include your occupation, explain why you love your occupation. Explain how it is aligned with your passions and how it helps many others outside of you. Explain the enthusiasm you have for it and why you wake up each morning to thrive at it.

          PERFECTING YOUR PITCH IGNITES totally different conversations than the ones we’re used to when asked: “What do you do?” It evokes life-changing dialect. You’ll find yourself immersed in a conversation about changing the world. When presented, it often will inspire the other person to discuss their passions. This opens the floodgates of creativity, productivity, motivation, and genuineness. I have conversations like these after discussing passions, and to date, they are the best conversations I’ve ever had.

In Closing

          MY PITCH admittedly needs working on. Not because I do not know what I’m passionate about, but because I’m not used to telling people I’ve stepped into it. It’s that short moment I have to get my ideas across and shine my light on the inquirer. Not the type of light that we often associate with an occupation. Instead, the light that’ll inspire change, inspire thought, inspire growth and courage. I know it’ll take practice, but practice makes perfect. So perfecting your pitch is the type of practice you should enjoy.

Let me know what you’ll do to perfect your pitch and discuss your passions. Feel free to comment and if you feel compelled to do so, share this post with others.



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