I’m Writing A Book – And You Can Get A Free Copy

I’m writing a book! And you can snatch a free copy!

I’m inviting you to join my official Book Launch Team! What’s a book launch team? It’s a hand-selected group of individuals who will have inside access to the process involved in launching a book. It also has a bunch of other benefits as well!

I need to pick about 100 special people, give or take 50 or so 🙂 to help me get the word out. Are you down? (Jon B voice)

It’s my first time writing a book, so of course, it’s my first time having a book launch team. It’s all new to me and I’m asking you to be a part of it.

The launch team will be the first to know of the launch date, so I can’t tell you that now. The title of the book is for the launch team as well so I can’t tell you that either. But what I can tell you about the book is that I’m 100% positive it’s something each and every one of you has faced at one point or the other and can greatly benefit from the content of this book.

I can also tell you upfront what you’ll get as an official member of the launch team.

Here’s what you’ll get as a team member:

  • An early and free copy of the book before it’s launched
  • An inside-look at my marketing strategies leading up to and on the launch day
  • Inside knowledge of the exact launch day
  • A chance to make money off of the sells of the book
  • Private access to the secret group dedicated to me and team members

Here’s what you’ll have to do as a team member:

  • Leave an honest review on amazon on the day of the launch
  • Make one post on a social media platform of your choice the day of the launch. You’re more than welcomed to post more if you feel obliged! I definitely will not stop you!
  • Tell a friend to tell a friend

Simple enough right? This is a huge deal to me obviously and I know it won’t be as big to you. But I do ask that if you do apply to join and are accepted to the team that you uphold your commitments as stated above.

If that’s alright with you click here to fill out the short application! 

I will review the submissions, then reach out when done. It won’t take long because I have to book to write!

See you in the secret group!